ZWERG: PLAYED WITS [The Beacon; The Student Journal of Atlantic Baptist University; Volume 7 Issue 6; April, 2000]
By Angela Wylie [ABU, Moncton]

This is the review of the much anticipated new CD by Atlantic Baptist Universityís very own Jason Betts. This, Jayís third CD, is by no means his last. If you are expecting Jasonís regular tunes, youíll be in for a big surprise. It is by all means so far my favorite CD by Jason. All of Jasonís music brings the realization of what a great person and musician he is to the forefront. His music is so profound itís hard to imagine his work getting better. It is said ďthere is always room for improvementĒ, but I think Jason has improved so much that he has possibly reached his great potential. His talent amazes me time after time.

Played Wits proves to be better than the last, but on a totally different level. The fresh, new sound of electronic sound combined with his sultry voice has proven to be a whole new level for Jason. Jason always works hard on his music and it shows in his finished product. The third track All Thing Vellir is brilliant. Itís a song that is a perfect combination of Jayís voice and his amazing piano composition. All songs on the CD were written by Jason, except Just As I Am, which is a poem written sometime in the 1800ís by Charlotte Elliot and William Batchelder Bradbury.

I came to the realization that there is an immense variety on this CD; there is a song for every mood. Thereís something here for when youíre happy, feeling mellow, need to ponder or just want to dance. In the end I must say that my favorite song is definitely the final song on the CD Inside, To You. It is a definite addition to my top ten songs of all time.

So whether you have a taste for electronic beats or the want for a soft, calming voice, you can find it all in Jasonís new CD. It wonít be out for general release for a few weeks yet but when it is youíll be able to get it at Samís, Urban Sound Exchange or by contacting Jason at