Pick Of The Week [BOOM Magazine, November 17, 2007]
By Ray Violette

Zwerg is basically Monctonian Eldon Thiele who plays several instruments, and writes all the music and lyrics, plus completes the vocals, production, recording, and mixing. He even was responsible for most of the graphic design and layout of the really impressive CD booklet and insert. The album is basically well done, and the musicians featured are helpful in creating an interesting vibe, but the choice of opening track is a head-scratcher. “On This Here Fundy Flat” is a truly bizarre introduction to an otherwise enjoyable trip. The song is full of overblown effects, heavily modified vocals, and especially odd lyrics (“Help me to love all sinners of skin, even when they crush our eggs”). Track two is much better, and would less likely turn off listeners as the above possibly could. It’s a psychedelic trip with drum loops and grand piano that create a freaky flow into the best track here—“Lucky To Be An Alien”, an upbeat song, one of the few on the album, that could be a hit in a better universe. Violin and cello are far back in the mix, but they fill in the holes in a pleasant way. “Bethel-him” features a lot of the elements that run through-out: electronica, classical, and a taste for the avant-garde in a spiritual or even possibly a Christian context. It’s not surprising that Thiele’s parents were a music and art teacher, as the music has lots of melody and professionalism lurking beneath the electronics and studio trickery. By the way, “Zwerg” is German for “dwarf”, who in mythology are disciplined and determined creatures. This third release may take time to absorb, but the investment pays off with an expressive, expressive and satisfying experience. The cd is available locally in the usual independent music shops and on-line at CD Baby. – Ray Violette